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These are our in-stock Pebble Greeting Cards for sale and ready for immediate shipping, please scroll down to view all available pictures. These are perfect Handcrafted Greeting Cards for someone special. All unique Handcrafted Pebble Greeting Cards with designs for those special occasions! A Pebble Birthday, Anniversary or Wedding Card or perhaps just to tell someone you love and care for them. All of our Pebble Cards are crafted with carefully selected locally sourced pebbles, shells, driftwood and sea glass, precision placed on environmentally friendly 6x6in or 7x5in Kraft Card. All our cards include an insert with an appropriate message such as, “wishing you a very happy birthday”. Our cards come in a variety pack of four as shown below. If you see a card pack that you like click on the image to view a larger image. If you want to purchase the card pack click on MORE DETAILS, located next to the price. This will open up a new window providing more detailed information regarding the purchase item. Here you will also find an opportunity to buy using a secure PayPal website. All our in-stock card packs are ready for shipping and delivery within 3 days.